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Merriam-Webster defines Deus Ex Machina as: “a character or thing that suddenly enters the story in a novel, play, movie, etc., and solves a problem that had previously seemed impossible to solve.

Charles Darwin entered the story of science to solve a problem that had previously seemed impossible to solve –how we got here, and how life started on Earth.

He left behind the theory of evolution as an explanation of all things living, along with a cautionary tale: neither the strongest nor the smartest species survive, but rather those that can adapt to change.

Humans have been evolving so dramatically in the last 10 or 15 years that we have become an almost different sort of species: hyper-communicative, hyper-informed, digitally empowered, with a shortened attention span, quickly bored.

Climate and inequality crises transform communities’ behaviors. Institutions fail. Traditional paradigms crash and are replaced at warp speed.

Today brands, as contemporary species, are also facing Darwin’s dilemma.


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